Justin Leto’s weekly appearance on nationally syndicated radio talk show, America Now with Andy Dean


Listen here for Justin Leto on America Now with Andy Dean, Feb 13, 2013


Justin Leto appears weekly on syndicated radio talk show, America Now with Andy Dean.  Andy and Justin discuss a wide array of legal, constitutional and political issues.  On this week’s show, one of the topics discussed was gun free zones and the effect that these zones have on the public.  Andy Dean is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believes that gun free zones create a danger by disarming citizens and making them vulnerable to attack.  In fact, Andy Dean believes that conservative lawmakers should allow citizens injured or killed in gun free zones to sue local governments for creating this “danger”.


Wrongful death lawyer, Justin Leto, explains during this segment, that Andy’s idea of suing local governments when citizens are injured by gun violence in a gun free zone is a nonsensical approach that will set a dangerous precedent.  Gun free zones are designed to prohibit the use of guns around schools, in airports, and in other places where large groups of people gather.  Bringing a gun to a gun free zone is a crime.  As such, anyone that uses a gun in a gun free zone to harm another person is committing a crime.  Andy’s suggestion, which is derived from an editorial that appeared in Breitbart recently, would allow victims of criminal acts to sue the government when a law enacted by that government is violated. Simply put, this approach makes no logical sense.


Instead, the logical and proper approach is for private businesses to take the necessary steps to ensure that there is adequate security in places where large crowds gather.  All too often, crimes that are committed in public places are preventable if the owner of the property where the crime occurred took steps to protect the invited guests on the property.  However, too many businesses choose to cut costs and save money instead of ensuring that people are protected.  The shooting in Aurora, Colorado is a prime example.  A midnight showing of Batman would certainly warrant security measures that were not taken, and if those security measures were taken, lives may have been saved.


Here at The Leto Law Firm, our negligent security lawyers have experience in handling cases involving the negligence of a property owner in providing security.  Follow The Leto Law Firm on Twitter at @justinletolaw


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