Civil Rights Complaint against Miami-Dade County police profiled in Miami New Times

The Leto Law Firm and Dean-Kluger Sibley Law filed suit against Miami-Dade County and 13 police officers, alleging a violation of Antonio Andrew’s civil rights.  The Complaint was based upon the shooting death of Antonio Andrew in a sting operation coordinated by the Miami-Dade Police Department.  Recently, the Miami New Times profiled the case in an article you can read here.  This article by the Miami New Times was a follow up to an investigative report published shortly after Antonio Andrew’s death.  As quoted from the article:


It was a set-up. As soon as the four would-be-robbers neared the house, cops burst out of their hiding places. Andrew and the others never fired a shot, but were killed nonetheless.

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Antonio Lee Andrew
Andrew’s corpse was so shredded from bullets that morticians weren’t sure they could prepare him for his funeral. “His body was like a bullet pail,” funeral director Lori Hadley Davis says. “He had more wounds than you could close up. There wasn’t a spot on him that wasn’t shot: his chest, abdomen, and head.”
But what Hadley Davis immediately noticed were Antonio’s hands. They, too, were shot as if he had been holding them up in surrender.


In the lawsuit, The Leto Law Firm and DKS Law seek damages from the County and the officers for the wrongful death of Antonio Andrews as well as damages for violations of his civil rights.


The Leto Law Firm is a Miami personal injury law firm specializing in representing victims of personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, traumatic brain injury, auto accidents, and commercial disputes.  The Miami wrongful death lawyers at the Leto Law Firm work  hard to ensure that all clients achieve the best results.

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