Justin C. Leto on nationally syndicated radio talk show America Now With Andy Dean

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Every Wednesday night, medical malpractice lawyer Justin Leto appears on nationally syndicated radio talk show American Now with Andy Dean.  Justin and Andy debate political topics and discuss the legal news of the day.


In this week’s appearance, Andy and Justin discuss the following topics:


1.  In Utica, NY the Federal courts decided that giving a police officer the middle finger is not a crime and does not give the police probable cause to initiate a traffic stop.  Referencing the Leto Law Firm’s recent blog on the subject, Justin explained to Andy how people can now legally flip the bird at a cop without concern for being arrested.


2.   Bill Maher offered Donald Trump $5 million to prove he was not the spawn of an orangutan.  Sensing the opportunity to have his name remain in the headlines, Donald Trump sent a letter, through his lawyer, enclosing his birth certificate and demanding payment of $5 million from Bill Maher.  Andy and Justin discuss whether the offer and acceptance constitutes a binding contract.


3.  A student at a middle school refused to wear an identification badge with a chip embedded inside which could track the student throughout the school.  The student sued the school, seeking an injunction based upon what she perceived as a violation of her religious freedom.  Justin explained to Andy why the tracking device is completely legal.


4.  In Los Angeles, a 24-year old man made threats on his facebook page, claiming he intended to mimic the despicable acts of the Newtown school shooter.  Police arrested the man and found 9 guns, including several automatic weapons in his home.  In a shocking and disturbing decision, the Los Angeles district attorney’s office elected NOT to prosecute him, claiming that his threat to go from elementary school to elementary school killing children was not specific enough for an arrest.  Andy and Justin, who differ dramatically on gun laws, agreed that this man has no business possessing firearms and should be in jail.




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