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Check out Justin Leto’s weekly appearance on nationally syndicated radio talk show America Now with Andy Dean

Every Wednesday at 7Pm EST, Justin Leto appears as a guest on America Now with Andy Dean.  Andy Dean is a conservative radio talk show host and each week, Justin and Andy discuss the trending legal topics of the week,.  Inevitably, there is heated debate given the considerably differing political views of Andy and Justin.  […]

Justin Leto’s weekly appearance on Nationally Syndicated radio talk show, America Now with Andy Dean

My weekly Wednesday appearance with nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host Andy Dean from August 10, 2012.   Listen Online   Andy and I discussed the following topics:   1.  Execution of mentally handicapped Texas man–In the case of Atkins v Virginia, The United States Supreme Court decided that people that are mentally handicapped […]

Medical malpractice and the hurdles of Florida law (rights of survivors under Florida’s medical malpractice laws)

While the great majority of Florida hospitals, doctors and medical professionals provide excellent care to patients, there are still some instances where errors are made that have serious and catastrophic consequences for patients.  If you or a loved one is involved in one of these unfortunate medical errors, it is important to understand the intricacies […]